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roup-, specialized computer ai& that are designed for use by colIab orative work groups [ 121, has produced measurable productivity gains for major corporations in recent years. Software for electronic meetings [ 181, in particular, can help reduce the time required for managers to complete complex projects hy 90%, according to a recent article in Fortune [(More)
The members of the RecQ family of DNA helicases play conserved roles in the preservation of genome integrity. RecQ helicases are implicated in Bloom and Werner syndromes, which are associated with genomic instability and predisposition to cancers. The human BLM and WRN helicases are required for normal S phase progression. In contrast, Saccharomyces(More)
The Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT) facilitates the use of modern genomics methods in undergraduate education. Initially focused on microarray technology, but with an eye toward diversification, GCAT is a community working to improve the education of tomorrow's life science professionals. GCAT participants have access to affordable microarrays,(More)
In order to engage their students in a core methodology of the new genomics era, an ever-increasing number of faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions are gaining access to microarray technology. Their students are conducting successful microarray experiments designed to address a variety of interesting questions. A next step in these teaching and(More)
  • L. Hoopes
  • Science of aging knowledge environment : SAGE KE
  • 2002
The error catastrophe theory of aging, proposed by Orgel in 1963, predicted a decrease in the fidelity of information transfer that accelerated as aging progressed, until properly functioning macromolecules could no longer be reliably made. The theory was extensively tested by comparing DNA polymerases, transfer RNAs, and proteins derived from aging versus(More)
Minor groove binding drugs (MGBDs) interact with DNA in a sequence-specific manner and can cause changes in gene expression at the level of transcription. They serve as valuable models for protein interactions with DNA and form an important class of antitumor, antiviral, antitrypanosomal and antibacterial drugs. There is a need to extend knowledge of the(More)
Microarray technology allows for the expression levels of thousands of genes in a cell to be measured simultaneously. The technology provides great potential in the fields of biology and medicine as the analysis of data obtained from microarray experiments gives insight into the roles of specific genes and the associated changes across experimental(More)
LH: How do you organize the work the students do in Biomotion? BF: They hear lectures and discuss topics for about half of the course, and then they do projects. I ask them to work in teams to design something that moves, inspired by biology. For example, they might design the next Mars Rover, using principles of biological movement. They buy(More)
LH: Tell me more about your work with teachers. LC: I run a week-long professional development workshop for K–12 teachers called “Why They Do What They Do at the Zoo: Animal Behavior and the Brain.” Also, I facilitate a summer neuroscience-themed camp for middle school-aged children. Both are sponsored by the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. These(More)