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In a quota sample of 150 individuals, equally divided among Chinese, Hispanics, and whites, it was found that the Chinese were more tolerant of parental conduct than the Hispanics and whites, and were less likely to ask for investigation by protective agencies in potential cases of child abuse and neglect. The Chinese attitude is explained in part by(More)
Algorithms are presented for the tanhand sech-methods, which lead to closed-form solutions of nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations (ODEs and PDEs). New algorithms are given to find exact polynomial solutions of ODEs and PDEs in terms of Jacobi’s elliptic functions. For systems with parameters, the algorithms determine the conditions on the(More)
This study focuses on why some widows were satisfied in retirement communities and some were not. Satisfied widows were more socially active and were the majority in the community. Widows and married differed in social interactions contingent on which group was in the majority. The ratio of marrieds to widows in a community may lead to different social(More)
This paper deals with the problem of H1 control for a class of linear discrete-time periodic system with delays. The obtained results are then extended for the time-delay periodic system with Linear Fractional Representation (LFR) uncertainty. Furthermore, linear matrix inequality (LMI)-based su cient conditions for H1 control are established. Two numerical(More)
Robots are mechanical arms that perform physical actions on their environment; they are characterized by flexibility (versatility), as a given robot can execute a variety of tasks or execute a given task in a variety of ways. Robots can be “intelligent” or self-adapting, so they can react to changes in the environment and take corrective actions in order to(More)
Businesses not only need to fulfill their economic obligations, but also have to be socially responsible to stay competitive. This study examines corporate social responsibility (CSR) from housing developers’ perspective, specifically on how CSR would benefit project marketability. Qualitative approach is opted as this area has not been well established.(More)
  • L K Hong
  • Sociological spectrum : the official journal of…
  • 1992
"This study examines the 1980 surge in birthrates in the context of the life course of women of the post-World War II baby boom. It attempts to describe in more exact detail the role of these women in the 1980 baby boom. Additionally, the study contends that historical time, social time, and life time all have influence on the timing of their reproductive(More)