L. Herráiz Hidalgo

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Although the frequency of menopausal symptoms may vary according to the studied population, in general severe intensity has been related to lower quality of life. To assess the frequency of menopausal symptoms and involved risk factors in an Ecuadorian postmenopausal population. Postmenopausal women that participated in a metabolic syndrome screening(More)
The immunological competence of 100 patients bearing urological cancers was evaluated by means of skin tests and serum immunoelectrophoresis. Cell-mediated immunodepressions were observed in 93.3% of prostatic cancers, 68.6% of bladder cancers and 38.4% of renal cancers. The immunoglobulin values increased in 80% of prostatic cancers, 31.3% of bladder(More)
Adolescents constitute a high risk population for the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, among them HIV/AIDS. Knowledge regarding reproductive issues among them is a key point in order to establish appropriate prevention programs. Obtain information regarding the knowledge and practice related to family planning and HIV-prevention behaviour among(More)
A 32-year-old male who presented with idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis developed peritesticular fibrosis 4 years later. The lesion appeared as a diffuse, uniform thickening without a tendency to form nodules. Histologic examination revealed a densely collagenized tissue with scattered cells, consisting mainly of fibroblasts and plasma cells. Small blood(More)
The nematophagous fungus, Pochonia chlamydosporia var. catenulata (Kamyschlco ex Barron & Onions) Zare & W-Gams, was investigated as a potential biocontrol agent in integrated pest management strategy for Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White) Chitwood in vegetable crops in Cuba. An acute oral and dermal toxicity/patogenicity study was performed to(More)