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A bacterium (strain HL1) capable of growing with hexachlorobutadiene (HCBD) as sole carbon and energy sources was isolated from a mixture of soil contaminated with HCBD and activated sludge obtained from petrochemical plant wastewater treatment plant by using enrichment culture. Biochemical characteristics and phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rDNA(More)
We present spectra taken with the Infrared Spectrograph on Spitzer covering the 5Y38 m region of the 10 ultraluminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs) found in the IRASBright Galaxy Sample (BGS). There is a factor of 50 spread in the rest-frame 5.5Y60 m spectral slopes, and the 9.7 m silicate optical depths range from at least 9:7 0:4 (AV 8) to 9:7 4:2 (AV 78).(More)
We present a new diagnostic diagram for mid-infrared spectra of infrared galaxies based on the equivalent width of the 6.2 mm PAH emission feature and the strength of the 9.7 mm silicate feature. Based on the positions in this diagram, we classify galaxies into nine classes ranging from continuum-dominated AGN hot dust spectra and PAHdominated starburst(More)
This paper investigates an electromechanical regenerative (EMR) actuator for automotive chassis applications. The actuator system comprises an electric machine, a ball screw, and a controller. The designs of these three components are examined first. Control algorithms are then developed for both converter and inverter topologies. A prototype actuator has(More)
The thermoelectric power of a material, typically governed by its band structure and carrier density, can be varied by chemical doping that is often restricted by solubility of the dopant. Materials showing large thermoelectric power are useful for many industrial applications, such as the heat-to-electricity conversion and the thermoelectric cooling(More)
Electromechanical actuators for automotive chassis applications such as active/semiactive suspensions, electric power steering, and electric brakes require high-performance electric machines. This paper analyzes the practicality of fractional slot permanent-magnet electric machines for these applications based on the full investigation of five candidate(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to fine particulate matter, such as through air pollution, has been linked to the increased incidence of chronic diseases. However, few measures have been taken to reduce the health risks associated with fine particle exposure. The identification of safe and effective methods to protect against fine particle exposure-related damage is(More)
The uncertainty of the radiometric calibration affects the accuracy of the earth observation (EO) radiance restored from the remote sensing digital number (DN) data. However, it has not been intensively analyzed whether they are equivalent to each other. The algorithm to deduce the uncertainty of the restored EO radiance in the solar-reflective spectral(More)
The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) first light instrument IRIS (Infrared Imaging Spectrograph) will complete its preliminary design phase in 2016. The IRIS instrument design includes a near-infrared (0.85 2.4 micron) integral field spectrograph (IFS) and imager that are able to conduct simultaneous diffraction-limited observations behind the advanced adaptive(More)