L. Halatsi

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Past years have seen the exploitation of multimedia techniques and lately the introduction of virtual reality methods to create new forms of presentation for museums' exhibitions. Virtual Reality can offer a number of advantages to museums, offering a way to overcome some common problems like the lack of space or the need of visitors to interact with the(More)
The current paper describes an approach to designing and implementing a virtual environment comprising ten different museums. The number of museums as well as the variety of their exhibits lead to the adoption of a generalised strategy that catered for all museum presentation needs and allowed for future expansion. Furthermore, the system architecture(More)
A virtual environment system installed within a real museum can offer a number of advantages, which are discussed in this paper: overcoming the lack of exhibition space, responding to the need for interaction with certain exhibits, affording easy transfer of exhibitions to remote sites. This paper also presents an approach towards designing and developing a(More)
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