L. H. Weiland

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  • G Hinshaw, M R Nolta, C L Bennett, R Bean, O Doré, M R Greason +11 others
  • 2007
1 WMAP is the result of a partnership between Princeton University and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Scientific guidance is provided by the WMAP Science Team. – 2 – We present new full-sky temperature maps in five frequency bands from 23 to 94 GHz, based on data from the first three years of the WMAP sky survey. The new maps are consistent with the(More)
Using flow cytometric DNA analysis of paraffin embedded tissue, DNA histograms were successfully obtained from the anal cancers of 117 patients. DNA diploid patterns were given by 82 cancers (70%) and DNA non-diploid patterns by 35 cancers (30%): 15 DNA aneuploid, 20 DNA tetraploid. Well differentiated squamous cell cancers were mainly DNA diploid, while a(More)
Exploration of nanoscale tissue structures is crucial in understanding biological processes. Although novel optical microscopy methods have been developed to probe cellular features beyond the diffraction limit, nanometer-scale quantification remains still inaccessible for in situ tissue. Here we demonstrate that, without actually resolving specific(More)
  • D Schneider, D Stohr, J Tingvold, A B Amundsen, L Weiland, S Kopf +2 others
  • 2013
Multimedia documents like PowerPoint presentations or Flash documents are widely adopted in the Internet and exist in context of lots of different topics. However, so far there is no user friendly way to explore and search for this content. The aim of this work is to address this issue by developing a new, easy-to-use user interface approach and prototype(More)
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