L H Sigal

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Quantitative EEG, flash visual evoked potentials, auditory evoked potentials to common and rare tones, and median nerve somatosensory evoked potentials were obtained from 12 patients with active CNS Lyme disease and from 11 patients previously treated for active CNS Lyme disease. Abnormal QEEG and/or EPs were found in 75% of the active Lyme disease patients(More)
Serum from patients with neurologic manifestations of Lyme disease had serum IgM antibodies that bound to normal human axons, whereas binding was absent or weak in patients without neurologic findings. Antiaxonal binding could be eliminated by absorption with Borrelia burgdorferi. A murine monoclonal antibody to the borrelial flagellin also bound to human(More)
The neurologic manifestations of Lyme disease include meningitis, radiculoneuritis, and cranial neuritis. In two patients, we investigated the proliferative response of CSF and peripheral blood lymphocytes to protein antigens derived from the Lyme disease spirochete. The response of CSF lymphocytes was 5 to 10 times greater than that of peripheral blood(More)
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