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The energy response of lithium fluoride (LiF) thermoluminescent dosemeters has been determined at two temperatures. Glow peaks 3,4, and 5 are measured at 240 degrees C and peaks 6 and 7 at 300 degrees C. In studying the response to X-radiation it was observed that the response of LiF chips to photons below 150 keV is greater, relative to cobalt-60, than(More)
The relative merits of tungsten and molybdenum targets for mammography have been the subject of much discussion. Therefore the spectra and outputs (at constant potential) from molybdenum and tungsten targets, interchangeable in the same tube, have been measured with a Ge(Li) detector and ion chamber respectively. All conditions apart from the target(More)
The variation in current and accelerating voltage across an X-ray tube, that occurs over the mains voltage waveform cycle, produces changes in photon flux and spectrum shape. A knowledge of these changes is required to provide an understanding of the parameters affecting X-ray output. Variation in the photon flux will cause distortion of a measured 'mean'(More)
The dosimetry is described for an investigation of the induction of somatic aberrations in Tradescantia occidentalis by substantially mono-energetic neutrons in the energy range 100 keV to 15 MeV, by 200 keV X-rays and cobalt-60 gamma-radiation. Spectrometry was carried out for both neutrons and X-rays. Neutron fluence was measured by uranium fission(More)
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