L. H. Huang

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Annexins play a crucial role in plant development and response to environmental stimuli. In this study, a total of 23 annexin genes (GmANN1 — GmANN23) were identified from the soybean genome database and for two of them (GmANN11 and GmANN14), complete cDNAs were cloned. GmANN1 — GmANN23 encoded a set of predicted proteins which showed high similarity to(More)
The iaaM gene encodes a monooxygenase, an enzyme that can catalyze the synthesis of IAA from tryptophan and is functional in plants. We cloned the iaaM into the T-DNA region of a Ti binary vector pWM101 under the control of the cotton fiber specific E6 promoter, and the recombinant was transformed into Nicotiana tabacum WS38 via leaf disc infection with(More)
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