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Escherichia coli FimH adhesin mediates binding to the bladder mucosa. In mice, a FimH vaccine protects against bacterial challenge. In this study, 4 monkeys were inoculated with 100 microgram of FimCH adhesin-chaperone complex mixed with MF59 adjuvant, and 4 monkeys were given adjuvant only intramuscularly. After 2 doses (day 0 and week 4), a booster at 48(More)
The aim of this study was to examine whether a vaginal Escherichia coli colonization, mimicking the one seen in UTI-prone females, could be induced by local cephadroxil administration. When five adult cynomolgus monkeys were given a vaginal flush with a P-fimbriated E. coli strain, none became persistently colonized. When such colonization attempts were(More)
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