L. Gugliotta

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Gene expression profiles of bone marrow (BM) CD34-derived megakaryocytic cells (MKs) were compared in patients with essential thrombocythemia (ET) and healthy subjects using oligonucleotide microarray analysis to identify differentially expressed genes and disease-specific transcripts. We found that proapoptotic genes such as BAX, BNIP3, and BNIP3L were(More)
BACKGROUND The median age of patients diagnosed with essential thrombocythaemia (ET) is 65-70 years but the management of very elderly patients (aged >80 years) with ET has not been well characterized. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to document the treatment patterns of very elderly patients with ET in a multinational, real-world setting. STUDY DESIGN EXELS(More)
This paper presents a neural-based model for estimating the particle size distribution (PSD) of a polymer latex, which is an important physical characteristic that determines some end-use properties of the material (e.g., when it is used as an adhesive, a coating, or an ink). The PSD of a dilute latex is estimated from combined DLS (dynamic light(More)
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