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In this paper we propose new globalization strategies for the Barzilai and Borwein gradient method, based on suitable relaxations of the monotonicity requirements. In particular, we define a class of algorithms that combine nonmonotone watchdog techniques with nonmonotone linesearch rules and we prove the global convergence of these schemes. Then we perform(More)
In this article we define globally convergent decomposition algorithms for supervised training of generalized radial basis function neural networks. First, we consider training algorithms based on the two-block decomposition of the network parameters into the vector of weights and the vector of centers. Then we define a decomposition algorithm in which the(More)
In this paper we study a class of derivative-free unconstrained minimization algorithms employing nonmonotone inexact linesearch techniques along a set of suitable search directions. In particular, we define globally convergent nonmonotone versions of some well-known derivative-free methods and we propose a new algorithm combining coordinate rotations with(More)
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