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During development, proliferation must be tightly controlled for organs to reach their appropriate size. While the Hippo signaling pathway plays a major role in organ growth control, how it senses and responds to increased cell density is still unclear. In this study, we use the zebrafish lateral line primordium (LLP), a group of migrating epithelial cells(More)
Two studies assessed two types of reliability of the student Jenkins Activity Survey (JAS; a questionnaire measure of Type A behavior). In Study 1, 810 undergraduates completed the JAS. Analyses revealed that estimates of the internal consistency (Chronbach's alpha) of the JAS and its subscales (hard-driving/competitive and speed impatience) ranged from(More)
The 44-item (long-form) student Jenkins Activity Survey (SJAS), used in locating subjects on the Type A/B continuum, requires an average of 8 min more to complete than the short form (containing only the 21 scored items). This study was conducted to determine whether the long and short forms provide comparable score distributions and factor structures for(More)
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