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Among 2,648 specimens positive on culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis over a 6-year period, 82% grew on Lowenstein-Jensen medium (LJ), 79% on American Trudeau Society (ATS), and 56% on Middlebrook 7H10 (7H10). When these commercial culture media were compared in regard to the number of acid-fast bacilli seen on the original smears, LJ cultures were found(More)
Five years ago, a task force on reducing risk for heart disease and stroke was established by the six New England States. The task force included representatives from State public health departments, academia, the corporate sector, and voluntary organizations. This article is the final report of the task force. Heart disease and cerebrovascular disease are(More)
We demonstrated that Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis (VEE) virus replicated in and adapted rapidly to human diploid cell strain WI-38. Peak titers of approximately 10(9.8) mouse intracerebral 50% lethal doses were obtained at low passage levels in Eagles basal medium supplemented with calf serum. VEE virus replicated poorly in serum-free medium.(More)
Sono state studiate le due forme principali (M e H) della deidrogenasa lattica nel muscolo soleo della gamba enervata e di quella del lato opposto, nel coniglio. Animali non operati servirono come controlli. La forma H, che predomina nel soleo normale, sperimentò una notevole diminuzione dopo enervazione. La forma M non sperimentò modificazione nel soleo(More)
The efficacy of Formalin-inactivated Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) vaccine has been reported to be low for man. Although a live VEE vaccine has been shown to be highly effective for the protection of laboratory workers, local and systemic reactions have occurred in approximately 20% of inoculated individuals. Therefore, studies were initiated in an(More)
Vital stains are often employed in the evaluation and documentation of ocular surface disorders. Rose bengal has traditionally been used to stain devitalized areas of the cornea and conjunctiva as well as precipitated mucous on the corneal surface. Lissamine green has been suggested as both an alternative and an adjunct to rose bengal as a vital stain.(More)
Space weather describes the way in which the Sun, and conditions in space more generally, impact human activity and technology both in space and on the ground. It is now well understood that space weather represents a significant threat to infrastructure resilience, and is a source of risk that is wide-ranging in its impact and the pathways by which this(More)
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