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In this study we investigated the role of protein kinase C (PKC) in associative learning of Apis mellifera. Changes in PKC activity induced by olfactory conditioning were measured in the antennal lobes, a brain structure involved in associative learning. Multiple conditioning trials inducing a memory different from that induced by a single conditioning(More)
Amphiphilic substances may stimulate cellular events through direct activation of G-proteins. The present experiments indicate that several amphiphilic sweeteners and the bitter tastant, quinine, activate transducin and Gi/Go-proteins. Concentrations of taste substances required to activate G-proteins in vitro correlated with those used to elicit taste.(More)
Casework by Danish local social agencies on behalf of 11 children of chronically ill schizophrenic mothers is retrospectively analyzed, along with documentation from psychiatric hospitals, consulting child specialists, and other health professionals. Findings point to a need for earlier and more precise assessment of the mother's parenting abilities as(More)
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