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This study presents direct evidence that dissociated chondroblasts from rabbit ear cartilage grown in vitro are capable of synthesizing insoluble elastin. Ultrastructural examination indicated that at an early stage of tissue development, elastogenesis is initiated producing a form of primary fibrils which later condense into an electron dense amorphous(More)
The binding of calcium ions to purified elastin was shown to be dependent on pH and the Ca2+ concentration of the medium; such binding occurs only above pH 5.5 and it increases with increasing pH. These data may be explained by assuming electrostatic interaction between Ca2+ and ionised groups of the organic matrix, probably carboxyl-and amino-groups(More)
Optical diffraction applied to micrographs of coacervated tropoelastin and alpha-elastin show an equatorial repeat around 50 A. This confirms a 50 A center-to-center distance of parallel aligned filaments to be a fundamental property of the tropoelastin and alpha-elastin coacervates. This periodicity is similar to that of mature cross-linked elastin. These(More)