A. Kasprzyk1
V. Curwen1
B. L. Aken1
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  • T. J. P. Hubbard, B. L. Aken, S. Ayling, B. Ballester, K. Beal, E. Bragin +52 others
  • 2009
The Ensembl project (http://www.ensembl.org) is a comprehensive genome information system featuring an integrated set of genome annotation, databases, and other information for chordate, selected model organism and disease vector genomes. As of release 51 (November 2008), Ensembl fully supports 45 species, and three additional species have preliminary(More)
Visual attention is considered in the context of a professional computer-based task, using aerial photography for updating topographic mapping data (photogrammetry). There is potential for using visual attention models to help develop various semi-automated 'attention-aware' support systems for this task, and these are discussed. An experimental study is(More)
Semen was collected from 50 men occupationally exposed to carbaryl (1-naphthyl methyl carbamate) in a produciton plant for durations of 1 to 18 years and compared to semen from a control group of 34 unexposed, newly-hired workers. Employment, fertility, health, personal data, and blood samples were collected for each individual. Semen samples were analyzed(More)
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