L. Gonthier

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BACKGROUND The Asteraceae represents an important plant family with respect to the numbers of species present in the wild and used by man. Nonetheless, genomic resources for Asteraceae species are relatively underdeveloped, hampering within species genetic studies as well as comparative genomics studies at the family level. So far, six BAC libraries have(More)
High-density genetic maps were constructed for loci involved in nuclear male sterility (NMS1-locus) and sporophytic self-incompatibility (S-locus) in chicory (Cichorium intybus L.). The mapping population consisted of 389 F1′ individuals derived from a cross between two plants, K28 (male-sterile) and K59 (pollen-fertile), both heterozygous at the S-locus.(More)
In this paper, a physical model is proposed to estimate the TRIAC solder joint fatigue during power cycling. The lifetime prediction is based on the following assumptions: the case temperature swing (DT case) is the main acceleration factor, the solder joints are the weakest materials in the non-insulated TO-220AB TRIAC package and the plastic strain within(More)
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