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The Authors report the outcomes of an epidemiology study concerning the external genital pathologies, carried out on 2400 young males, ranging between 18 and 22 years who underwent the medical inspection for admission to the Air Force Academy. Basing on an andrologic clinical and anamnestic protocol, 229 cases with genital abnormalities, and among them 171(More)
GIST have still today controversial aspects of their histogenesis that are reflected on the classification and prognosis. It's showed a particular case with mixed muscular-neuronal histogenesis that supposes totipotent cell origin of these neoplasms. Diagnosis, classification and prognosis are very difficult to evaluate; surgery at the moment is the only(More)
The aim of this work is to report our three-years experience in the endovascular laser treatment of lower limbs varicose veins. After the evaluation of results after a middle-term follow-up, Authors discuss about an enlargement of indications to this method, and suggest some original technical details.
The external biliary drainage in severe jaundice secondary to pancreatic carcinoma acts differently in pre, intra, and postoperative period. In the preoperative period the drainage enables to lower the direct bilirubinemia and the intrahepatic biliary stasis and consequently the complications linked to the impaired hepatic and renal function. During the(More)
The Authors discuss about some histologic patterns observed in 100 pampiniform plexus specimens of patients who underwent direct scrotal surgery for idiopathic varicocele. Tunica media was involved in all of 81 specimens in which Authors observed a vascular wall thickening. Out of these, localized hypertrophic phenomena, leading to segmental vascular(More)