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One of the significant trends in manufacturing planning is to make computer automated process planning and scheduling to work more cooperatively. To build up cooperative process planning and scheduling (CPPS), in this research, three game theory- based strategies, i.e., Pareto strategy, Nash strategy and Stackelberg strategy, have been introduced to analyze(More)
The overexpression of a new cytokine-induced apoptosis inhibitor 1 (CIAPIN1) gene has been shown previously to promote a multidrug resistant phenotype in gastric cancer cells through the upregulation of MDR1 and MRP1. In the present study, we constructed the siRNA eukaryotic expression vectors of CIAPIN1 and transfected them into SGC7901/VCR cells to(More)
Dwarf bunt of wheat, caused by Tilletia controversa Kühn, is a destructive disease on wheat as well as an important internationally quarantined disease in many countries. The primer ISSR818 generated a polymorphic pattern displaying a 867-bp DNA fragment specific for T. controversa. The marker was converted into a sequence characterized amplified region(More)
Commercial agreements drive the routing policies used in today's Internet. The two most extensively studied commercial agreements are transit and peering; however, they are only two of many diverse and continuously evolving commercial agreements that ISPs enter into. So far, the only known practical safe and robust routing policy is Gao and Rexford's policy(More)
The work mainly deals with in improving multiplication process by using Redundant Binary Technique. By implementing the existing method of Multiplication and Accumulation structure in Real time applications, occurs some difficulties like some hard multiples, and getting partial products in multiplication stage, it was not useful for higher radix values. The(More)
In this study, the expression of the Bordetella pertussis S1 subunit was tested in Streptococcus gordonii, a commensal oral bacterium which has the potential to be a live oral vaccine vehicle. The DNA fragment encoding the N-terminal 179 amino acids of the S1 subunit was ligated into the middle part of spaP, the surface protein antigen P1 gene originating(More)
Common bunt is one of the most important destructive diseases of wheat worldwide and is a domestic quarantined disease in China. However, a rapid and efficient method to identify the corresponding pathogens is currently limited. The objective of the present study was to develop a diagnostic molecular marker specific towards Tilletia foetida (Wall) Liro, a(More)
Sonoelasticity imaging uses low-frequency (100-Hz) viSince low-frequency longitudinal waves have wavelengths that brations in tissue and Doppler imaging of vibration patterns to detect are too large compared with organs of interest at the frequencies and define hard tumors. Fundamental theoretical considerations of used in sonoelasticity imaging [3], we(More)
We investigate a reversible percolation system showing unipolar resistance switching in which percolating paths are created and broken alternately by the application of an electric bias. Owing to the dynamical changes in the percolating paths, different from those in classical percolating paths, a detailed understanding of the structure is demanding and(More)