L . GORDON Lamont - Doherty

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A mixture of paraquat and water was applied, by helicopter, to agricultural fields near a residential community and near an associated commercial complex. Drift from the application passed directly over the community, which resulted in resident complaints to the local county agricultural department. A community survey was undertaken to determine what health(More)
This study uses IKONOS imagery to quantify the combined spatial and spectral characteristics of urban reflectance in 14 urban areas worldwide. IKONOS 1-m panchromatic imagery provides a detailed measure of spatial variations in albedo while IKONOS 4-m multispectral imagery allows the relative contributions of different materials to the spectrally(More)
The diagnostic evaluation of moisture budgets in archived atmosphere model data is examined. Sources of error in diagnostic computation can arise from the use of numerical methods different from those used in the atmosphere model, the time and vertical resolution of the archived data, and data availability. These sources of error are assessed using the(More)
Between June 2009 and July 2012, Apnoea-Hypopnoea Index (AHI) and Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaires Scores (FOSQ) were prospectively evaluated pre- and post-operatively in patients undergoing bariatric surgery. A total of 167 subjects were studied, 75.4% were females. The median age was 46 (14-75) years and BMI 49 (36-69) kg/m2. Ninety two (55.0%)(More)
A prospective study of the management of menorrhagia in new patients presenting to gynaecological outpatients was undertaken at four centres in Northern Ireland and two in Great Britain. 325 patients were enrolled, the majority of whom (87%) had severe menorrhagia. Patients in all six centres were similar in relation to age, marital status, parity, use of(More)
Decadal variability in upper ocean temperature in the Paci c is studied using observations and results from model experiments Especially propagation of upper ocean thermal anomalies from the midlatitudes to the tropics is studied as a possible source for decadal equatorial thermocline variability In the observations propagation along the subtropical gyre of(More)
The UNFCCC was an agreement amongst most of the sovereign nations of the world to slow the rate of such climate change by controlling the concentrations of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Scientists are considering strategies to moderate the build up of these gases and this can be approached either by reducing emissions or increasing the sinks of(More)
To 31st December 1989, 71 persons are known to have attended medical practitioners in Northern Ireland with a diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. Twenty-one of these persons have had the diagnosis of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and 11 have died. The distribution of reports in the "at risk" categories of(More)