L. G. Willumsen

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We used a population-based cohort study design to describe the demographic characteristics of the HIV-infected population in Denmark and their variation over time. HIV treatment in Denmark is restricted to 9 centres, and all 3941 HIV-1 infected patients more than 15 y old seen at these centres in 1995-2003 were included. We found an estimated HIV prevalence(More)
A controlled clinical study on disodium cromoglycate (DSCG) at a dose of 800 mg per day versus placebo was carried out in 141 patients with ulcerative colitis and 25 patients with Crohn's disease. Those of the ulcerative colitis patients who had been on sulphasalazine treatment continued that treatment during the trial (101 patients). Forty patients were(More)
The value of dynamic sonography as a screening procedure in 84 jaundiced patients was examined and compared with the clinical evaluation of a blind prospective study. The predictive value of the sonographic diagnosis of obstruction was 97% and 84% in nonobstruction. The corresponding values of the clinical distinction were 87% and 92% respectively. The(More)
Two hundred and nine patients consecutively admitted to hospital with a tentative diagnosis of meningitis were screened for complement deficiency by measuring classical and alternative pathway serum haemolytic complement activity and the plasma concentration of C3d. Abnormal test results were followed up by quantitative immunochemical measurements of(More)
This double-blind controlled trial compares the relapse rate in 19 duodenal ulcer patients who received cimetidine for eight weeks with that in 19 patients who received cimetidine for four weeks and inactive tablets for four weeks. Only patients who became symptom-free during the initial four weeks' treatment with cimetidine were included. The median period(More)
A routine program for evaluation of the protein pattern in serum and synovial fluid has been tested on 25 patients in a consecutive study. The program comprised agar gel electrophoresis, total protein and albumin determination, and immunochemical determination of antitrypsin, orosomucoid, haptoglobin, IgR, and IgA. Linear correlation analysis of(More)
This paper outlines the early results of research into developing alc_orithnu to permit the couuliug and tracking of moving vehicles in real world scenes using the CLIP4 parallel image processor . oidr Traffic data collection, image processing, vehicle recognition . 1 .1 . Aires of the project For some time it has been realised that the recording of traffic(More)