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Kinetic constants for binding of 3H-labeled morphine and naloxone were determined from Hill plot analyses and from experiments in which the concentration of tritiated drug was constant and that of nonlabeled drug varied. With brain slices, the binding of either drug exhibited strong positive cooperativity (Hill slope greater than 3); this was not observed(More)
Compromised bone-regenerating capability following a long bone fracture is often the result of reduced host bone marrow (BM) progenitor cell numbers and efficacy. Without surgical intervention, these malunions result in mobility restrictions, deformities, and disability. The clinical application of BM-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is a feasible,(More)
The fidelity of protein biosynthesis in any cell rests on the accuracy of aminoacylation of tRNA. The exquisite specificity of this reaction is critically dependent on the correct recognition of tRNA by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. It is shown here that the relative concentrations of a tRNA and its cognate aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase are normally well balanced(More)
From a mechanical point of view, the human pelvis can be considered as a stable, complex three link structure. This three-link closed-chain system explains why there is so little motion in the sacroiliac joint. Based on the minimum total potential energy principle, a quasi-static model of the human pelvis with its three joints is developed. In the model,(More)
Heating aldehydes that contain a protected hydroxymethyl group, a tethered alkyl chloride and a tethered alkenyl group at the α-position of the aldehyde with an amine sets up a cascade (tandem) reaction sequence involving condensation to an intermediate imine, then cyclization and formation of an intermediate azomethine ylide and then intramolecular dipolar(More)
Condensation of an aldehyde with an α-amino-ester, followed by a tandem process involving cyclization to a seven-membered ring, deprotonation to an intermediate azomethine ylide and intramolecular dipolar cycloaddition gave tricyclic products related to stenine and neostenine.
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