L G Vaganian

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In anesthetized immobilised cats, stimulation of radial [correction of ulnar], sciatic and splanchnic nerves evoked responses in 91.85; 90.56 and 83.33 per cent of neurons, resp., in the associative medio-dorsal nucleus of the thalamus. A high degree of convergence (82.6%) of somatic and visceral signals was revealed, as well as the interaction between the(More)
High responsiveness of the center median neurons to stimulation of radial, sciatic and splanchnic nerves was found in unterstrained cats. The mean latencies of the responses were 24.1 ms, 28.4 ms and 38.4 ms, resp. A considerable convergence (up to 82%) was revealed. The inhibitory type of interrelationships prevailed among the afferents under study, being(More)
The effects of stimulation of the sciatic nerve and ipsilateral thalamic parafascicular nucleus on the thalamic posterior nucleus have been investigated by recording both the evoked potentials (EP) and neuronal activity in guinea pigs under light chloralose or nembutal anaesthesia. Animals were immobilized by d-tubocurarine and kept under artificial(More)
Neuronal responses in center median, medial dorsal and posterior lateral nuclei to the stimulations of n. reticularis were studied in restrained cats. 53.7, 48.3 and 10%, resp., of the units were affected. Phasing character of "silent" neurons' EPs as well as the responses with primary or secondary inhibitory periods of spontaneously firing units, were(More)
Electrical stimulation of the cerebellar dentate nucleus elicits in neurons of the center median responses with either constant or altering latencies. The constant latencies ranged from 2-3 to 8-12 msec. Responses with altering latencies were more numerous and had the latencies up to 20 msec. In both responses with early and late components were recorded as(More)
Neuronal responses of the thalamic lateral posterior nucleus to single electrical shocks applied to radial, sciatic and splanchnic nerves, were studied in anesthetized immobilized cats. Different degrees of responsiveness (69, 63 and 51 per cent) and latencies (9-120, 12-130 and 16-130 ms) were revealed.
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