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BACKGROUND Advances in medical and surgical therapy in children have resulted in increased survival in children with primary illnesses. However, thrombosis is a serious complication of this success and results in mortality and morbidity. Prevention or treatment of thrombosis using warfarin is challenging in children due to its narrow therapeutic index and(More)
UNLABELLED Long term anticoagulation (LTA) is hypothesized to induce treatment dissatisfaction influence quality of life (QOL). QOL is measured by a tool developed specific to the patient condition. Pediatric QOL inventory for children on LTA should assess constructs salient for this population. Identification and evaluation of QOL constructs, critical to(More)
4159 ABSTRACT Insects typically use celestial sources of directional information for path integration, and terrestrial panoramic information for view-based navigation. Here we set celestial and terrestrial sources of directional information in conflict for homing desert ants (Melophorus bagoti). In the first experiment, ants learned to navigate out of a(More)
This critical review examines the current evidence regarding the accuracy of assessing intelligibility of dysarthric speech over the internet. Access barriers to obtaining speech and language services such as remote location and physical disability may be reduced with an online service delivery model. Overall, current research suggests that assessment(More)
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