L-G. B. Kotoulas

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Moments of images provide efficient local descriptors and have been used extensively in image analysis applications. Their main advantage is their ability to provide invariant measures of shape. In this work, we present an overview of the most commonly used image moments, as well as a hardware architecture capable of fast calculation of geometric, Zernike(More)
This paper presents a new hardware module suitable for matching point features between two uncalibrated images of a scene with real-time response. A robust matching is established under a mixed geometric and moment-based correspondence strength function. In order to provide rotation invariance and low noise sensitivity, Zernike moments are utilized. The(More)
Objectives: We attempted to test the hypothesis that the combination of systemic interferon alfa-2a and oral isotretinoin is more effective than isotretinoin alone in the treatment of recurrent condylomata accuminata.Study design: Fifty seven women with recurrent condylomata accuminata were randomly assigned in two groups. Group A (n = 24) received(More)
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