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Two hundred and seventeen consecutive patients with superficial bladder cancer stages Ta-T1 were analyzed for survival and prognostic factors. The overall 5-year survival was 88 +/- 5.3%. Factors that impacted significantly on survival were: grade of anaplasia (GI 92 +/- 5.9% vs. GII 87 +/- 7.5% vs. GIII 68 +/- 20.7%; p = 0.01); increasing grade of(More)
A total of 217 patients with superficial bladder cancer (SBC) category Ta-T1 were retrospectively analysed for tumour progression and prognostic factors; 46% of patients presented with recurrences, 13% with increasing grades of anaplasia and 12% with progression in tumour category. The mean annual index of recurrences was 0.7 +/- 0.1; 4% of patients died(More)
The article presents a multivariate study carried out by means of a logistic regression of local responses (reduction to stage p0, p1 or p 'in situ') in 82 patients with transitional infiltrant carcinoma of the bladder, undergoing 3 different types of radical therapy: 25 patients treated with TUR and radical cystectomy; 33 patients treated with TUR,(More)
The present retrospective study analyzes the evolution and survival of 79 patients with bladder infiltrant transitional carcinoma (T2-T3), which were treated with radical cystectomy and bilateral ilio-obturating lymphadenectomy. Pre-operative radiotherapy (57/79) and neo-adjuvant chemotherapy (24/79) was used as supplementary therapy. The univariate(More)
Since initial application of high-energy shockwaves to treat renal lithiasis, their usefulness has been extended within both the clinical and experimental fields. Shockwaves cytotoxic action is determined by means of cell viability methods of vital staining exclusion and nucleoside uptake. Application of shockwaves on cell cultures is carried out by means(More)
Report on the evolution of a series of 64 patients with T2-4 N0-3 M0 infiltrant transitional carcinoma of the bladder, treated with TUR and radical cystectomy (28/62) or intra-operative radiotherapy (IOR) 15 Gy and external radiotherapy 40 Gy prior to cystectomy (34/62). The last group including 24 patients which received neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. Seventy(More)
A series of 17 patients with primary adrenal cortical carcinoma is presented. Of 14 patients without evidence of disseminated disease prior to radical surgery, 6 developed distant metastases during follow-up. The mean interval free of disease in these patients was 12 months (range 3-40) and the median survival 15 months. Of the six patients in whom adjuvant(More)
This paper presents our experience with 237 primary renal cadaveric transplants and analyzes related factors to Initial Non-Function, its influence on graft and patient survival as well as the impact of cyclosporin A on graft survival. Our study shows better graft survival rates in patients treated with cyclosporin A and in patients with Immediate Initial(More)