L. Gómez

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Injuries of the vertebral arteries in four patients were treated by transcatheter embolization. Embolotherapy was performed after incomplete or unsuccessful surgery in three of the patients and as a preventive measure in lieu of surgery in the fourth patient. All procedures were successful and without complications. An injured vertebral artery is usually(More)
For visually impaired people, a cane is a close companion helping them to detect and avoid obstacles while walking. But while walking in a new or changed environment, it is hard for them to guess where they are. Also it will be a problem when they lose memory of locations and places. The standard method for taking notes by visually impaired is to emboss(More)
We read with interest the article by Axelsson et al. [1] about the potential risk of lung cancer due to inhalation of radioactive radon gas. Indeed, this has been the subject of many scientific papers around the world for years without clarification of whether there is risk or there is no risk when the radon concentration is low. The paper by Axelsson et(More)
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