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BACKGROUND This survey study aims to examine the prevalence and factors associated with depressive symptoms among primary older female family carers of adults with intellectual disabilities (ID). METHOD In total, 350 female family carers aged 55 and older took part and completed the interview in their homes. The survey package contained standardised(More)
Dietary sodium and potassium intake can influence blood pressure. The effects of salt substitution on patients with hypertension and normotensive family member controls, however, have not been evaluated in a rural Chinese population. The objective of this study, accordingly, was to assess the long-term effects of salt substitution on blood pressure. We(More)
Many thanks to Özyol and Özyol1 for their interest in our article. Intraocular lens implantation is facilitated by the use of ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs) that possess moderate viscosity at medium shear rate.2 We agree that the use of OVDs can be associated with complications if proper removal is not done; however, their use during implantation(More)
PurposeTrend-based analyses examining rates of visual field (VF) loss in glaucoma are useful for predicting risk of vision-related morbidity. Although patients with faster losses are likely to require treatment escalation, little is known about rates that might trigger a decision to intervene surgically. The aims of this study were to investigate prior(More)
AimsPsychological distress is well documented in people with facial disfigurement. However, the prevalence of psychological distress in patients with facial palsy has not been studied. This study aims to establish the prevalence of psychological distress and the extent of anxiety and depression in a sample of facial palsy patients from the Northwest of(More)
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