L. Friedmann

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Two hundred women were interviewed within 24-36 hours after giving birth. The patients were not examined. It was found that 56% of the patients suffered from low-back pain during pregnancy. The percentage of Caucasians was statistically higher in the back pain group. The percentage of Hispanics was statistically higher in the no pain group. Among the(More)
Twenty-two patients with cerebral vascular accident (CVA), clinically confirmed by head computed tomography, were observed for symptoms of the reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS). All patients received triple phase bone scans; 16 scans were positive for RSDS. Patients with negative scans had no symptoms of RSDS. Five patients with positive scans(More)
Advances in the understanding of the relationship of proprioceptive (kinesthetic) feedback to motor physiology have prompted the study of therapeutic effects of audiovisual displays of EMG activity. Patients with various manifestations of disturbed neuromotor control were studied prospectively for three years. This group included 114 patients with(More)
Amputation has been practiced at least since 43,000 B.C.E. for ritualistic, punitive, curative, or vocational reasons. Fitting with prostheses has been done since at least 1,500 B.C.E. Anesthetics were used, but which ones is not known. Analgesics such as salicylates in plants, narcotics such as cocaine and opium, and soporifics such as alcohol and peyote(More)
There were 3,375 children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years screened for refractive errors and strabismus. In 363 children (10.7%) some kind of pathology was detected. We suggest that continued efforts should be made to lower the age of detection of defects in vision.
Sensor networks are dense wireless networks where information is gathered by sensor elements spread out in an interest area. The main deficiency of sensors is their finite source of energy. Therefore, an efficient utilization of this energy resource conditions the network lifetime. In order to enhance the performance of these networks, some research efforts(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of wrist position on distal sensory and motor latencies of the median nerve. An orthosis was devised to maintain the wrist either in extension or in flexion while measuring these latencies. Fourteen patients with presumptive carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and 12 control subjects were evaluated following(More)
One of the most important problems for the bilateral upper limb deficient patient is the inability to manage toileting activities. Dependence in this area precludes schooling or work. This paper surveys available clothing types and adaptations to facilitate doffing and donning clothing and devices for genital cleansing and menstrual care. The devices are(More)