L Flores de Jacoby

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Periodontal health parameters and salivary cortisol were studied in 19 adult pemphigus vulgaris patients on chronic steroid therapy. The patient population was divided into non-medicated and medicated subjects at intake into the study. A significant difference between the 2 examinations, performed at an interval of 8.73 months +/- 4.35, was found in(More)
Unbroken series of sections taken from various areas of the periodontium of vitally fixed rats were prepared as the basis for constructing a model for the morphology of the vessels and for planimetric evaluation. Using this material, we were successfully able to validate a technique for localization, course, and distribution of vessels and of capillary(More)
The effect of bone matrix soaked in thyrocalcitonin on vitally amputated pulp was studied in beagle dogs with light and electron microscopy. All treated teeth were vital after eight weeks; the area of implantation was densely populated with cells. Formation of hard tissue differing from normal dentinogenesis had begun.
20 patients who had undergone a vestibuloplasty using the technique of Edlan and Mejchar were examined by histo-morphological studies of the transplanted alveolar mucosa and the epithelialised periosteal zone up to one year post-operatively. The following conclusions were reached: --the original characteristics of the transplanted tissue remain unaltered.(More)
The morphological composition of the subgingival plaque associated with active periodontitis lesions and comparable inactive control lesions were determined in a 36-year-old patient with advanced periodontal disease. Monthly measurements of the clinical attachment level were subjected to linear regression analysis as a function of time. Attachment loss was(More)