L. Florentin

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A series of twelve XX males and their relatives have been examined by Southern blot analysis with fourteen different Y recombinants. The pattern of Y sequences present shows considerable variation between XX males. Furthermore, on the basis of the terminal transfer model, anomalous patterns of Y sequences are evident in certain XX males in that sequences(More)
A series of Y recombinants have been isolated from Y-specific DNA libraries and regionally located on the Y chromosome using a Y deletion panel constructed from individuals carrying structural abnormalities of the Y chromosome. Of twenty recombinants examined twelve have been assigned to Yp and eight to Yq. Five of the Yp recombinants map between Yp11.2 and(More)
Childhood onset proximal spinal muscular atrophy presents with considerable clinical variability. This study included 14 Croatian children aged 11 days to 8 years with spinal muscular atrophy types I-III verified clinically and electromyoneurographically. DNA of affected children was screened for deletions of exons 7 and 8 of the survival motor neuron gene(More)
Voice clinicians, as well as singers, always correlate the assessment of the singing voice to the vocal and corporal gestures that model singing, and among these parameters, especially timbre. The authors have shown how and what to see in the timbre; first of all, through analysis of the voice by oscillography and sonagraphy, then through observation of the(More)
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