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At present, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is one of the most useful methods of studying cognitive processes in the human brain in vivo, both for basic science and clinical goals. Although neuroscience studies often rely on group analysis, clinical applications must investigate single subjects (patients) only. Particularly for the latter,(More)
The recent finding that Broca's area, the motor center for speech, is activated during action observation lends support to the idea that human language may have evolved from neural substrates already involved in gesture recognition. Although fascinating, this hypothesis can be questioned because while observing actions of others we may evoke some internal,(More)
Anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide are leading to decreases in pH and changes in the carbonate chemistry of seawater. Ocean acidification may negatively affect the ability of marine organisms to produce calcareous structures while also influencing their physiological responses and growth. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of reduced(More)
Previous studies showed that using tools modifies the agent's body and space representation. However, it is still not clear which rules govern those remapping processes. Here, we studied the differential role played by the morpho-functional characteristics of a tool and the sensori-motor constraints that a tool imposes on the hand. To do so, we asked a(More)
This work proposes innovative permutation-based procedures controlling the Familywise Error rate (FWE). It is proofed that weighted procedures control the FWE if weights are a function of the sufficient statistic. Particularly, we focus on the use of the additional information given by the total variance of each variables. The first proposal considers the(More)
We show a novel approach for k-FWER control which does not involve any correction, but only testing the hypotheses along a (possibly data-driven) order until a suitable number of p-values are found above the uncorrected α level. p-values can arise from any linear model in a parametric or nonparametric setting. The approach is not only very simple and(More)
We propose a multiple testing procedure controlling the false discovery rate. The procedure is based on a possibly data driven ordering of the hypotheses, which are tested at the uncorrected level q until a suitable number is not rejected. When the order is data driven, larger effect sizes are considered first, therefore selecting more interesting(More)
This study evaluated the predictive power of spermatid count and cytology for assisted reproduction outcome after FSH therapy. A total of 174 men with severe oligozoospermia and normal plasma FSH concentration underwent semen analysis including spermatid count, TUNEL test, FISH analysis for sperm aneuploidies and testicular fine-needle aspiration cytology.(More)
Young males have testicular germ cells tumors (TGCT) as the most common malignancy and its incidence is increasing in several countries. Besides unilateral orchiectomy (UO), the treatment of TGCT may include surveillance, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy (CT), basing on tumor histology and stage of disease. It is well known that both radio and CT may have(More)
PURPOSE Hand allograft has recently emerged as a therapeutic option for upper limb amputees. Functional neuroimaging studies have progressively revealed sensorimotor cortices plasticity following both amputation and transplantation. The purpose of our study was to assess and characterize the functional recovery of the visuo-motor control of prehension in(More)