L. Fernández-Jambrina

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It has been recently proved that rational quadratic circles in standard Bézier form are parameterized by chord-length. If we consider that standard circles coincide with the isoparametric curves in a system of bipolar coordinates, this property comes as a straightforward consequence. General curves with chord-length parametrization are simply the analogue(More)
In this paper a linear algorithm is derived for constructing B-spline control nets for spline developable surfaces of arbitrary degree and number of pieces. Control vertices are written in terms of five free parameters related to the type of developable surface. Aumann’s algorithm for constructing Bézier developable surfaces is recovered as a particular(More)
In the Bézier formalism, an arc of a conic is a rational curve of degree 2 with control polygon {P, Q, R} for which the weights can be normalized to {1, w, 1}. The parametrization of the conic arc is C(t) = (1 − t) 2 P + 2wt(1 − t)Q + t 2 R (1 − t) 2 + 2wt(1 − t) + t 2 , t ∈ [0, 1]. Abstract Synthetic derivation of closed for-mulae of the geometric(More)
When defining a ship hull surface, the main objective is to obtain a faired surface or surfaces that contain some specific points of the hull, that have been selected in the design process and give the ship its hydrodynamic, stability and other properties. So, the hull surface should be a compromise between fairness and precision, and this is not and easy(More)
A conjecture stated by Raychaudhuri which claims that the only physical perfect fluid non-rotating non-singular cosmological models are comprised in the Ruiz-Senovilla and Fernández-Jambrina families is shown to be incorrect. An explicit counterexample is provided and the failure of the argument leading to the result is explicitly pointed out. Since the(More)