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The rising concerns in terms of environmental protection and the search for more versatile polymer-based materials have led to an increasing interest in the use of polymer composites filled with natural organic fillers (biodegradable and/or coming from renewable resources) as a replacement for traditional mineral inorganic fillers. At the same time, the(More)
PURPOSES The aim of the study was to assess by means a 3D finite element linear and non-linear analysis mechanical interaction between an implant-supported crown and surrounding tissues. MATERIALS AND METHODS A three-dimensional FEM model was developed. Four different material combinations for the abutment and the core were evaluated: Y-TZP - Y-TZP, Y-TZP(More)
We study the thermo-physical and photoluminescence (PL) properties of cadmium-(bis)dodecylthiolate (Cd(C 12 H 25 S) 2). Significant attention is drawn to characterization of Cd(C 12 H 25 S) 2 by different methods. The laser-induced PLs of Cd(C 12 H 25 S) 2 and Cd(C 12 H 25 S) 2 /(polymethyl methacrylate) (PMMA) composites are studied. Samples of Cd(C 12 H(More)
Magnetic polymer microspheres (MPMs) using glycidylmethacrylate (GMA) as a functional monomer were synthesized in the presence of Fe 3 O 4 nanoparticles via dispersion polymerization. After polymerization, the magnetic polymer microbeads were modified with ethylenediamine (EDA). The obtained ethylenediamine-functionalized magnetic microspheres (EDA-MPMs)(More)
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