L. F. Willems

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In order to enhance the quality of antibiotic use, a new financial system was introduced in Belgium in 1997, which links reimbursement of antibiotic costs incurred during prophylaxis in surgery and obstetrics to compliance with evidence-based guidelines. At University Hospitals Leuven (UHL), this reimbursement scheme was supplemented with a follow-up(More)
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The Renson office building (Waregem, Belgium) relies on natural ventilation for both indoor air quality and temperature control. Indoor air quality control is provided by a system consisting of self-regulating inlet vents and passive stack exhausts. Temperature control in summer is achieved by a system for natural night ventilation with motorized inlet and(More)
For speech synthesis applications a formant description of the speech signal has a number of advantages over other parametrizations. The analysis of formant frequencies and bandwidths from the LPC coefficients has two drawbacks: sometimes the number of formapts detected is smaller than is needed for the synthesizer and sometimes due to numerical(More)
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