L.-F. Wang

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Mapuera virus (MPRV) is a paramyxovirus that was originally isolated from bats, but its host range remains unknown. It was classified as a member of the genus Rubulavirus on the basis of structural and genetic features. Like other rubulaviruses it encodes a V protein (MPRV/V) that functions as an interferon (IFN) antagonist. Here we show that MPRV/V differs(More)
Salem virus (SalPV) was originally isolated from a horse during a disease outbreak in 1992 in the USA. In this study, we complete the genome characterization of SalPV and confirm the classification of this virus as a member of the subfamily Paramyxovirinae. The SalPV genome is 16,698 nucleotides in length, with six transcriptional units in the order(More)
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