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The presynaptic N type Ca channel (CaV2.2) is associated with the transmitter release site apparatus and plays a critical role in the gating of transmitter release. It has been suggested that a distinct CaV2.2 long C terminal splice variant is targeted to the nerve terminal and is anchored at the release face by calcium/calmodulin-dependent serine protein(More)
In order to better understand the molecular basis of heterosis in maize, the methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphism method was used to estimate patterns of cytosine methylation in seedling roots and leaves and 15-d postfertilization embryo and endosperm tissues of hybrids and their parental lines Zheng58 and Chang7-2. In all tissues, total(More)
We report a transient absorption study of photocarrier dynamics in transition metal dichalcogenide alloy, Mo 0.5 W 0.5 S 2. Photocarriers were injected by a 400-nm pump pulse and detected by a 660-nm probe pulse. We observed a fast energy relaxation process of about 0.7 ps. The photocarrier lifetime is in the range of 50-100 ps, which weakly depends on the(More)
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