L. F. Rosa

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Rats weighing 45-50 g were fed 3 diets for 8 wk: a balanced control diet (CD) consisting of 4% fat (polyunsaturated/saturated fatty acids [P/S] ratio 2.9/1) and two fat-rich diets: polyunsaturated (UD)--P/S 7.6/1 and saturated (SD) P/S 0.3/1. After 8 wk feeding on the respective diets, rats were subjected to swimming for 90 min at 30 degrees C daily, 5 d/wk(More)
(2013). A case study analysis of factors determining success or failure for participants in collaborative innovation projects in e-Government. one copy of any article(s) in SHURA to facilitate their private study or for non-commercial research. You may not engage in further distribution of the material or use it for any profit-making activities or any(More)
The verification of business process models is an important step in the design phase of process-aware information systems. While a process model often describes different perspectives like control flow, object flow, and role assignment , most of the contributions in the areas of verification consider only the control flow. Hardly any work considers these(More)
Key enzyme activities of glycolysis, pentosephosphate pathway, Krebs cycle, and glutaminolysis were measured in lymphocytes and macrophages of 3- and 15-month-old rats from the control, thioglycollate-injected, and Walker 256 tumor-implanted groups. The percentage of phagocytosis, phagocytic index, and production of H2O2 in macrophages and the rates of(More)
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