L F Petrinovich

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Intellectual and performance measures were taken on 7688 school children tested on three behavioral measures of handedness and one measure of eyedness. Test results were compared against all combinations of handedness and eyedness and against a measure of socio-economic level. No relationships of any kind were found. Comparisons of the present results are(More)
The pattern of responses of both male and female white-crowned sparrows to playback of recorded song depends on whether the female has eggs, nestlings, or fledglings, and on the behavior under consideration. These patterns can be understood in the context of the behavior patterns appropriate during each of the different stages of the reproductive cycle.
A quantitative ethogram was developed for the Zebra finch, using one-zero focal animal sampling on an ethologically comprehensive checklist of 52 behavioral items, and was assessed for both interobserver reliability and construct validity. Interobserver reliabilities were highly acceptable (an eta-squared of, 923 for aggregation periods of 5 minutes). Nine(More)
Nestling white-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli) were hand-reared in sound-isolation chambers under a variety of conditions. The songs of total isolates were compared with songs of birds tutored with song, and the number of inputs sufficient for a bird to produce a normal song was explored. The flexibility of the song learning system was(More)
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