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AND KEYWORDS Abstract A design approach is offered for individual tariffs for mass customized mobile service products, whereby operators can determine their contract acceptance rules to guarantee with a set probability their minimum profit and risk levels. It uses realistic improvements to earlier reported negotiation algorithms [1], and a full operator(More)
AbstrAct Warnings to the broad population in an emergency situation, irrespective of location and condition, is a public policy responsibility. Public wireless networks offer now the opportunity to deliver emergency warnings in this way with explanations , because in many countries the mobile penetration rates and coverage are higher than any other access(More)
This paper focuses on botnet economics and design of defensive strategies. It takes the view that by combining scarce information on the attackers' business models, with rational economic analysis of these business processes, one can identify design rules for economic defense mechanisms which the target can implement, often in a cheap way in addition to(More)
This paper gives an analytical method to determine the economic and indirect implications of denial of service and distributed denial of service attacks. It is based on time preference dynamics applied to the monetary mass for the restoration of capabilities, on long term investments to rebuild capabilities, and of the usability level of the capabilities(More)
While several paths have emerged recently in microelectronics and computing as follow-on's to Turing architectures implemented using essentially silicon circuits, very little " Beyond Moore " research has considered, first biological processes instead of sequential instructions, and, next the implementation of these processes exploiting particle physics(More)
So far little effort has been put into researching the importance of internal ERP project stakeholders' mutual interactions, realizing the project's complexity, influence on the whole organization, and high risk for a useful final outcome. This research analyzes the stakeholders' interactions and positions in the project network, their criticality,(More)
AND KEYWORDS Abstract Wireless penetration and the Indian economy have grown significantly over the past few years, but how robust and sustainable is the adoption of wireless services and products? Several papers have discussed India as a wireless service and product market, and sometimes tried to assess quantitative attributes thereof. The present paper(More)
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