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So far little effort has been put into researching the importance of internal ERP project stakeholders’ mutual interactions, realizing the project’s complexity, influence on the whole organization, and high risk for a useful final outcome. This research analyzes the stakeholders’ interactions and positions in the project network, their criticality,(More)
  • L.-F. Pau
  • 2010 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management…
  • 2010
This paper gives an analytical method to determine the economic and indirect implications of denial of service and distributed denial of service attacks. It is based on time preference dynamics applied to the monetary mass for the restoration of capabilities, on long term investments to rebuild capabilities, and of the usability level of the capabilities(More)
While several paths have emerged recently in microelectronics and computing as follow-on’s to Turing architectures implemented using essentially silicon circuits, very little “Beyond Moore” research has considered, first biological processes instead of sequential instructions, and, next the implementation of these processes exploiting particle physics(More)