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The search for enablers of continued growth of SMS traffic, as well as the take-off of the more diversified MMS message contents, open up for enterprises the potential of bulk use of mobile messaging , instead of essentially one-by-one use. In parallel, such enterprises or value added services needing mobile messaging in bulk for spot use or for use over a(More)
So far little effort has been put into researching the importance of internal ERP project stakeholders’ mutual interactions, realizing the project’s complexity, influence on the whole organization, and high risk for a useful final outcome. This research analyzes the stakeholders’ interactions and positions in the project network, their criticality,(More)
This short paper addresses the strategic challenges of deposit banks, and payment clearinghouses, posed by the growing role of mobile operators as collectors and payment agents of flow of cash for themselves and third parties. Through analysis and data analysis from selected operators , it is shown that mobile operators achieve as money flow handlers levels(More)