L. F. Maksimovskii

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The synthesis of different RNA fractions labelled by 3H-uridine has been studied at different developmental stages in Drosophila virilis by means of thermal phenol extraction and chromatography on oligo-alphaT-cellulose. There are two periods of intensive synthesis of poly-A containing (messenger) RNA in the course of embryogenesis. The former (6--12 hrs)(More)
The content and intensity of incorporation of 3H-uridine in RNA of chromosomes, nucleoli and cytoplasm isolated by microsurgery from the salivary glands of larvae and prepupae of Chironomus thummi were studied following the incubation of salivary glands in the Cannon's medium with 3H-uridine. It was shown that during metamorphosis the content of RNA and(More)
In this paper, we have attempted to use the technique of superovulation in mustelids. Ermine (Mustela erminea) and several species of ferret (Mustela eversmanni, Mustela putorius, Mustela putorius furo [correction of hamster (Putorius eversmanni, Putorius putorius, Putorius putorius furo)] have been used as experimental models. We have conducted a detailed(More)
Homogeneous transplantation of embryos tissue exerted no effect on arterial pressure in adult Wistar rats and slightly increased the pressure in ISIAH male rats. Transplantation of male embryos of the ISIAH strain to Wistar rats significantly increased the blood pressure in the male ISIAH rats. Female ISIAH rats seem to possess a mechanism restricting the(More)
In this study, we have undertaken an attempt to use the technique of cryopreservation of a mustelid embryo-sing Mustela eversmanni as the experimental model. Ferret blastocysts were frozen with glycerol or DMSO. Characteristic feature of blastocyst morphology, as well as changes in their ultrastructure after freezing and cryopreservation have been examined(More)
RNA synthesis was investigated by autoradiographic determination of uridine-H3 incorporation; its quantitative and qualitative composition was studied in the isolated slow-adapting sensory neuron of the stretch receptor ofAstacus astacus L. by Edström's method in our modification and correlated with the functional state of the cell. Various excitation(More)