L. El Ayoubi

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Abstract A young woman presented with a painful soft tissue swelling of the anterior aspect of the distal forearm. MRI revealed a hypertrophied reversed palmaris longus muscle confirmed by surgery, which also showed a second insertion to the flexor carpi radialis tendon. Variants of the palmaris longus muscle are discussed.
We have undertaken a prospective study of the management of fractures of the distal radius using three Kirschner wires as advocated by Kapandji. 30 were immobilised and the other 30 allowed early movement. Complications involving pin migration and rupture of extensor tendons occurred only in the latter group, and one patient in the other group developed(More)
We have carried out a retrospective study of 100 fractures of the distal radius which were classified according to 3 principal factors, namely the amount of displacement (D), the involvement of the epiphysis (E), and the degree of metaphyseal comminution (M). Each of these 3 groups was further divided into 4 levels of increasing instability. The fractures(More)
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