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In Arabidopsis thaliana, urease transcript levels increased sharply between 2 and 4 d after germination (DAG) and were maintained at maximal levels until at least 8 DAG. Seed urease specific activity declined upon germination but began to increase in seedlings 2 DAG, reaching approximately 75% of seed activity by 8 DAG. Urea levels showed a small transient(More)
The actin binding protein profilin has dramatic effects on actin polymerization in vitro and in living cells. Plants have large multigene families encoding profilins, and many cells or tissues can express multiple profilin isoforms. Recently, we characterized several profilin isoforms from maize pollen for their ability to alter cytoarchitecture when(More)
We have found that the normal developmental pathway of Nicotiana tabacum microspores is blocked or switched when microspores are exposed to lithium, and these effects are reversible with Ca2+ and myo-inositol. Normal development was defined by the following characteristics: changes in microspore shape from spherical to oval and then ellipsoid; two nuclear(More)
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