L. E. Zakharov

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A model for simulating the diffusive evaporation of lithium into a helium filled NSTX vacuum vessel is described and validated against an initial set of deposition experiments. The DEGAS 2 based model consists of a three-dimensional representation of the vacuum vessel, the elastic scattering process, and a kinetic description of the evaporated atoms.(More)
• Strong interaction between plasma and Li would cause strong Li emission and lead to disruptive plasmas, and probable reasons were analyzed. • Serious Li would be emitted from the free statics surface mainly due to J × B force leading to plasma instable and disruptions. • CPS surface would partially suppress the emission and be beneficial for plasma(More)
Keywords: Lithium Wall conditioning Flow liquid limiter ELMs pacing HT-7 EAST a b s t r a c t In 2012, lithium coating with an upgraded system on EAST, the first application of lithium granules injection for ELMs pacing on EAST, and the first flowing lithium limiter experiments on HT-7 have successfully been carried out and several new results were(More)
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