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INTRODUCTION Since the reproducibility of the Schatzker and AO tibial plateau fracture classification systems has already been assessed, the goal of this study was to evaluate the Duparc classification system and compare it to the other two. HYPOTHESES CT scan is better than X-rays for analyzing and classifying tibial plateau fractures. The Duparc(More)
  • L E Gayet
  • Chirurgie; memoires de l'Academie de chirurgie
  • 1999
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this retrospective study is to demonstrate the advantages of early surgical operation for patients suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy scoliosis. PATIENTS AND METHODS Since 1992, 37 patients suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy were operated on for scoliosis. Mean age was 12 years. Vital capacity was 62 +/-(More)
BACKGROUND Rotating hinge knee prostheses are indicated in revisions especially when major ligament laxity or substantial AP deformities are present. These situations make ligament balancing difficult with less constrained design implants. Despite its use for nearly 50 years, this type of prosthesis continues to have a poor reputation due to a high(More)
INTRODUCTION One objective of surgery in thoracolumbar spine fracture is to restore correct and lasting spinal statics. This may involve vertebral body replacement using an anterior approach. We here report results on a prospective series of 23 trauma patients managed by vertebral body replacement using an expandable cage. PATIENTS AND METHODS The sex(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Burst fractures generally occur due to trauma to the thoracolumbar spine. Surgery is indicated for unstable fractures. Posterior instrumentation with pedicular screws is generally proposed. In certain circumstances, hooks may be preferred due to excessive risk of insertion of the pedicular screw. The purpose of this study was to compare(More)
This work tries to clarify the place which is due to the modified Lyons orthopaedic treatment of scolioses. Actually, nowadays, because of progress in surgery, some people abandon all orthopaedic treatment which caught severe progressive scolioses at the end of the growth period. The study covers 70 patients from a minimum distance of 3 years after the end(More)
So-called "Raynaud's distal ischaemic phenomena of the upper limb may be responsible for disabling functional impairement and even lesions requiring amputation of one or several fingers. The ulnar artery is usually involved in these phenomena because of its anatomical position and its importance in the blood supply of the hand and the fingers. The authors(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY A retrospective study to compare the results obtained in our first 100 total hip prostheses inserted by Hardinge's approach and of the 100 others inserted by trochanterotomy was undertaken. MATERIAL In the trochanterotomy group the average age was 66 years; average follow-up was 26 months. Using the Merle d'Aubigné score the initial(More)
A global approach is required to evaluate severe functional deficits. We have developed a multidisciplinary consultation and assessed its usefulness after one year. A total of 62 patients were evaluated (mean age 35 years), usually for neurological functional deficit (50%). Among the 62 patients, surgery was proposed in 72.6% (operations performed in 66%).(More)
Fractures of the tibial plateau are in constant progression. They affect an elderly population suffering from a number of comorbidities, but also a young population increasingly practicing high-risk sports and using two-wheeled vehicles. The objective of this study was therefore to propose a new technique for the treatment of this type of fracture. There(More)