L E Brownlie

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To discriminate suitable fire fighters from recurring large groups of applicants, an objective test battery was developed which screened applicants on the basis of physical, psychomotor, and mental abilities. The physical and psychomotor selection procedures first involved fundamental tests of general aerobic endurance, upper body strength, and anaerobic(More)
The effects of changing the composition of the growth medium, the dilution rate and the source of the bacterial host on maintenance of the plasmid pAT153 in Escherichia coli HB101 have been studied. In a medium supplemented with Casamino acids, the plasmid was maintained longer during phosphate-limited growth at a dilution rate of 0.3 h-1 than at 0.15 h-1.(More)
The durations of animals' brief vocalizations provide conspecifics with important recognition cues. In the present experiments, zebra finches and humans (trained musicians) were rewarded for responding after S+ (standard) auditory signals from 56 to 663 ms and not for responding after shorter or longer S- (comparison) durations from 10 to 3684 ms. With(More)
Two derivatives of plasmid pAT153 which arose spontaneously in phosphate-limited continuous cultures of Escherichia coli HB101[pAT153] have been characterised. The smaller plasmid, pLAB-446, resulted from a deletion of 446 base pairs of DNA covering the translation start and codon sequence of the tetracycline resistance gene. The other plasmid, pLAB135,(More)
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