L. Drew Rosen

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Eye fixations were recorded while subjects chose their most preferred of six used cars. Fixation sequences of the form X-Y-X-... were used to identify pair comparisons. This assumption was validated by verbal protocols and by a comparison between X-Y-X and X-Y-X-Y-... patterns. The results of three experiments showed: (1) that the multialternative choice(More)
The present paper examined the selection of processing heuristics for choice and judgment across a range of stimuli. Eye fixations were monitored while six subjects made choices or judgments of pairs of gambles, vacations, or gifts. Each stimulus was represented by three attributes that varied in the amount of dimensional interdependency. The two heuristics(More)
The lack of valid and reliable Spanish speech audiometry materials constitutes an important clinical problem. Such tests necessitate the construction of appropriate materials. Analysis of English and Spanish literature on speech audiometry led to the identification of guidelines for new test materials in the Spanish language. Test lists were devised,(More)
Acidity and in vitro effects on dental hard tissues of pharmaceutical preparations used in paediatric cardiology Abstract Background: The knowledge of oral health effects caused by long-term medication in medically compromised children is sparse. Besides the effects on salivary secretion, pharmacotherapy may also act directly on the dental hard tissues,(More)
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