L. Downing

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Pulmonary damage after radiotherapy is typically characterized by an initial alveolar inflammation (pneumonitis) followed by chronic fibrosis. In the present study, changes in lung architecture were measured in the pneumonitis phase after whole-body low-dose X irradiation of C57BL/6 mice. Radiation damage was evaluated at 24 h and 1-8 weeks postirradiation.(More)
Bromate (BrO(3)(-)) is an oxidized contaminant produced from bromide (Br(-)) during ozonation and advanced oxidation of drinking water. Previous research shows that denitrifying bioreactors can reduce bromate to innocuous bromide. We studied a hydrogen-based, denitrifying membrane-biofilm reactor (MBfR) for bromate reduction, and report the first kinetics(More)
A long time ago and far away in another world you discovered computing. It was fun and you enjoyed working with it. You felt comfortable using computers and software. Maybe you were a student or even a staff person when you decided to find a way to spend more time with computer technology. You applied for a job in User Services. You got the job and became(More)
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